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Amobee INK Technology

The Key to Cross Device Targeting

Amobee INK is a proprietary, cloud-based, cross device audience targeting technology that uses a multi-ID approach, aggregating demographic and behavioral data from multiple sources.

This innovative technology addresses the limitations of single-ID solutions, allowing brands to precisely target, engage and convert digital audiences across channels and devices in an increasingly cookie-less world.

Amobee INK enables brands to effectively identify, target and engage consumers on multiple devices, in any format, allowing marketers to drive better campaign efficiency and performance with:

  • Device sequencing
  • Cross channel frequency capping
  • Ad sequencing cross channel
  • Ad sequencing cross device
  • Cross device conversion analysis
  • Device graph reporting


Engage Your Audiences Across Devices

In addition to insights from Brand Intelligence, Amobee improves your display campaign with the following capabilities:

  • High-impact rich media formats include Amobee 3D, IAB Rising Stars, interstitials, and expandables.
  • Programmatic platform to buy media more efficiently.
  • Amobee’s 1,000+ direct publisher relationships result in a high-quality, thoroughly vetted inventory.
  • Third-party measurement allows you to optimize to online and offline metrics including in-store purchases, brand lift, ROI and engagement—plus verify delivery by your preferred vendor (comScore, Nielsen, Integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify, MOAT).
  • Brand safety and fraud prevention practices include integrations with a variety of MRC-accredited partners to block advertisers from appearing next to inappropriate content.
  • Custom dashboards with creative, content, channel, device and audience insights as well as attribution modeling.


Maximize Impact

Video is an effective format to connect with audiences with maximum impact. At Amobee,  we allow brands and advertisers to target audiences, across channels and devices, with immersive video experiences. 

  • In-stream and outstream ad formats
  • Personalized video dynamically delivered to specific audience segments
  • Reach users on desktop, mobile and connected TV with Amobee’s cross-device technology (INK)
Video Brand Safety

Our direct partnerships along with our own technologies allow us to create a safe environment for our advertisers. Pre-Bid Blocking & Real Time Ad Delivery:

  • Detects and deflects bots
  • Eliminates fraudulent activity
  • Prevent ads from running in undesirable environments
Video Viewability

We provide transparency to ensure your ads appear in the right place, in front of real people.

  • Pre-bid technology ensures ads only appear when video is in-view
  • Measure viewability across screens
  • Validate ad was seen by the intended audience
  • Adaptable to any third party validation or measurement partner 

Amobee for Social

Join the Conversation

Amobee is among an elite group with API level access to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Snapchat. Our dedicated social team supports every aspect of your campaign, including:

  • Strategy: Leverage analysis of historical events in conjunction with real time coverage and audience insights, to create social strategies that drive ROI
  • Content: Craft powerful Marketing Strategies with Amobee’s Content Curator, a tool that helps you quickly develop messaging designed for maximum impact
  • Influence: Tap into the power of influencer marketing with Amobee’s proprietary influencer reach programs
  • War Rooms: Assemble a dedicated team of Brand Intelligence and social media experts to monitor important events for trending content, in real time
  • Dynamic Targeting: Dynamically optimize interest keyword targeting with social & web listening data from an extensive collection of cross channel digital sources


Precise Locations Building Accurate Audiences

Our digital consumption says a lot about our interests, views, and sentiment. The physical locations we visit, how often we frequent them, and how long we dwell there, reveal more about who we are.

Amobee’s unique combination of location data sources provides a complete picture of consumers’ behaviors that are built using precise locations to ensure brands and advertisers are reaching accurate audiences.

Enhance your mobile campaign further with Brand Intelligence and connect with the right person at the right place and time when they’re in the right mindset.


  • Real-time targeting and Location-based audiences built using precise locations
  • Multiple location data sources including publisher-direct SDKs and beacons
  • Amobee’s INK cross-device technology extends message across channels and devices

Optimization & Insights

  • Real-time conversion tracking & optimization
  • Foot traffic analysis based on store visit fluctuations
  • Campaign and post-campaign insights


  • Foot traffic attribution reports to understand store lift
  • Broken down by performance, audience, campaign
  • Geo-behavioral metrics include store visits, frequency, and dwell time

Amobee 3D

Creating Immersive Ad Experiences Across Any Device

An impactful ad requires the strategy, planning, and execution from an army of creative professionals. At Amobee, our in-house creative team has over 70 years of combined experience making it an easy and seamless process for brand and advertisers to bring their message to life. Amobee’s creative development team pushes the boundaries to produce innovate ad formats including our proprietary 3D units and virtual reality experiences.

  • Fully customizable units
  • Dynamic, personalized experiences
  • Unique impactful creatives increase engagement
  • Comprehensive reporting & insights on user interactions

An Award Winning Team