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[a•mo•bee] 3D ads on desktop

[a•mo•bee] Wins Top Industry Awards For Innovative 3D Mobile Ad Campaign and Digital Marketing Technology

October 9, 2014 - [a•mo•bee] was presented with four top industry awards, recognizing the success and innovation of the [a•mo•bee] 3D Ford F-150 campaign, created in cooperation with Team Detroit. Read the release



The [a•mo•bee] 3D technology platform delivers unparalleled engagement and brand lift to advertisers through new immersive, full- sensory 3D ad experiences.

Groundbreaking Results

  • Higher brand lift and engagement
  • 4.5x expansion rate and
  • 3.8x engagement rate

Proprietary Technology

  • Award-winning 360° creative solution that delivers compelling, realistic ad experiences with advanced interactivity

Insights and Analytics

  • Detailed insights and data collection outlining how users have interacted with the 3D ad experience

[a•mo•bee] 3D is the only ad platform to deliver immersive, three-dimensional ad units across any device or channel. [a•mo•bee] 3D gives users full navigation and customization capabilities within the ad unit resulting in unprecedented levels of engagement and brand lift.


[a•mo•bee] uses state-of-the-art tools and techniques to transform existing 2D assets into interactive 3D ads.

  • Full-volume 3D models
  • True 360° view interaction
  • 3D scenes
  • 3D animated headlines, product and buttons
  • Realistic texture mapping
  • Advanced graphic shaders (lighting / shading)
  • Hotspots / points of interest


  • Accelerometer
  • Parallax movement
  • In-line video (iPad only)
  • Gallery/images
  • Social sharing
  • Link to "Find a Store"

How It Works

Diagram - Amobee 3D


Ad Specifications

  • Mobile - 320 x 50 expandable
  • Tablet - 720 x 90 expandable
  • Desktop - 970 x 250 and 300 x 250 expandable
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