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[a•mo•bee] offers advertisers cutting-edge technology in the form of immersive 3D mobile ads.
The [a•mo•bee] 3D advertising platform allows advertisers to create realistic 3D ads that allow mobile users to engage with products in ways never possible before. [a•mo•bee] 3D ads are MRAID and MRAID2 compliant, and do not require special glasses or special hardware.


iOS and Android

[a•mo•bee] 3D works on both iOS and Android mobile devices. [a•mo•bee] 3D ads feature...

  • engaging 3D product models
  • app-like features
  • location-based customization
  • streaming videos, expandable image galleries, gamification (view a demo)
  • the ability to show nearly retail locations or send consumers directly to a mobile storefront without leaving the ad unit

Use Existing Assets

[a•mo•bee]’s technology has the unique ability to transform existing 2D assets into interactive 3D ads. Repurposing existing creative lowers production costs while generating impressive click-through rates for advertisers and higher revenues for publishers. Click here to request more information.


Hybrid Architecture

[a•mo•bee] 3D ads are based on a new hybrid architecture of HTML5 and native device technology to achieve maximum reach, engagement, and performance.

[a•mo•bee] 3D ads are MRAID and MRAID2 compliant.

How It Works

  • Any publisher can run [a•mo•bee] 3D by integrating the [a•mo•bee] 3D SDK
  • The [a•mo•bee] 3D engine runs on iOS and Android devices
  • [a•mo•bee] provides agencies and advertisers with creative services for ad production

Diagram - Amobee 3D

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