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Jonathan Gardner

Jonathan Gardner, Vice President, Communications

Here’s How We’re Helping Brands See the Power of Insights

A recent report commissioned by Turn has had tremendous impact on industry conversations about data, programmatic and the creative process in advertising.

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Ad Blocking Chaos = Ad Industry Opportunity

Advertisers may fear that no one is going to look at their ads – that’s simply not true. The best strategy is always going to be to ensure that ads get seen by those who want to see them, and by people who are motivated to convert. Audience data should drive marketing, with an omnichannel, cross-device approach that ensures reaching the consumers you want at scale.

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It's Digital 2016! Here Are 3 Things to Expect

Jonathan Gardner shares his thoughts on some "cool things" he predicts will happen in digital in 2016.

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The High-Priced Millennials: New Research on the 4 Groups Marketers Engage Most

New research based on data from the Turn platform takes a deep look at the most sought-after cohort of consumers - millennials.

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