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Maxwell Knight

Maxwell Knight, Vice President, Analytics Services

Data Lakes: Is It Time to Jump In?

The term "data lake" describes a heap of raw data that doesn’t follow a common structure thrown together with no central organization. It also might be likened to a basement, where you keep household goods that you’re not sure what to do with – yet.

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The Final Analytic Framework Step: Measure, Learn, Optimize, Repeat

In our final analytic framework post, we look at the big picture: how to make the greatest material impact possible on our clients’ businesses. It’s important to understand that an analytic framework is a cycle, rather than a fully linear progression. We’re measuring, learning, optimizing and repeating.

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Analytics Are Key to Unlocking Marketing Success

An analytical framework based on business questions rather than available data sets or tools is the opening move in extracting value from programmatic data.

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The Power of Cross-Device: Advertiser Sees 95% Sales Lift

Our VP-Marketing Science Services takes a closer look at a study with a financial advertiser showing sales action rates practically doubled when consumers engaged with both display and video ads across more than one device.

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To Rev Up Sales, Auto Industry Must Embrace Customer-State Data

How auto marketers can drive sales and improve the customer journey through data

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