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Tyler Hampton

Tyler Hampton, Director, Product Marketing

Is TV Still King of Branding?

While TV is definitely the king of driving reach, a powerful and fraud-free branding vehicle, in this world of short attention span, multi-device, multi-taskers, effective is often subjective.

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How Viewability Fits in a Successful Campaign Strategy

It seems like a total no-brainer: No one wants to pay for ads that can’t be seen. But viewability is just one factor in an effective campaign. Focus too narrowly on it, and you can compromise targeted reach, conversions and brand lift, and you risk overspending on a parameter that’s not generating nearly enough value.

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Less Measuring, More Marketing

“What gets measured gets managed.” This old business mantra captures a truth in modern marketing strategy: if you aren’t measuring, getting regular reporting on your campaigns and continually improving, you’re going to miss the mark.

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Our Tech Works Harder So Video Advertisers Don’t Have To

Our latest innovation is multiple-goal optimization for video ads, which uses performance algorithms to achieve up to three goals at once. Such automation frees up time so marketers can focus more on marketing.

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How to Reach Your Audiences in the Most Efficient Way Possible

Like any hot commodity, data is subject to market forces. For marketers, this means that you’re paying a lot for good data, but other people are, too.

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