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Inspiring Confidence: Insights from Becky Saeger

by Amobee, May 06, 2016

A recent Women@Turn event gave our team the opportunity to hear from Becky Saeger, a Turn board member, about her career and work experiences. Maureen Little, Women@Turn’s executive sponsor, moderated the event. Throughout our hour with Becky, we were able to ask her questions to gain insight into what shaped the course of her professional path.

As I listened to Becky, one of the first things that stood out was her not focusing on being the only woman in the room in the different work situations that came up over her career. This topic arose a couple times during the discussion, and Becky repeated the same advice. She said to focus on the work and not to think that you will be treated differently because you are the only woman. If you do worry about that, you’ll act with that mindset.

There are times that I too sat down in rooms and at tables where I was the only woman. I tried not to dwell on it, but it was definitely hard early in my career to not question why I was the lone woman in the room. It was especially difficult on the occasions when comments and feedback were dismissed by others. Becky’s advice is what I used for myself. I focused on the work and refused to let my voice be lost when it came to the integrity of the work I was doing. It is a hard thing to do without the experience and wisdom that comes with being in an industry or job for a period of time. It took guidance from men and women who served as my informal mentoring force to help me feel stronger in my place, and the knowledge that I knew how good I was at my job.

As for how we get more women to join the industries where they previously had barely a foothold, Becky talked about the shift that is going on with higher graduation rates of women. Her view is that, with enough openness in the environment in which we work, more women will occupy leadership roles if they want them. I hope that is true, and more importantly I hope we recognize not everyone, man or woman, wants to lead. For those women that do, I can’t wait to see them rise higher and higher and lead by example for those that join them.



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