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Unify. Optimize. Grow: Amobee Debuts New Messaging and Logo

by Krista Thomas, March 11, 2021

As you may have noticed, we have a new look and feel, as well as new messaging and positioning here on You may also have seen our new ad campaign in the top industry trades, from Adweek, AdAge, and Digiday to Campaign and Variety. So we wanted to offer a peek behind the scenes to share how we arrived at these decisions, what they mean to us, and more importantly, what they mean to our customers, prospects, and the industry.  

Positioning & Messaging

We’re thrilled to debut our updated tagline and true north: Unify. Optimize. Grow. Or in its fuller form: Unify Audiences, Optimize Results, and Drive Growth. 

What does it mean? It means that, like all marketers inside brands and agencies, and all sales leaders inside broadcasters and media companies, we understand that driving growth for the business is job #1. That’s why our corresponding new mission statement is “To be the world’s most powerful growth engine for brands, agencies and broadcasters.” 

How does it work? We believe that optimization is the engine of growth for any business. Once you get beyond start-up days, or the bump of a new product launch, how do you grow your business? You optimize your people, processes and systems. 

  • You train, educate, and inspire your talent.
  • You refine your media plan and focus your marketing efforts on delivering business outcomes.
  • You streamline your team’s workflows and consolidate on superior systems.  

What’s different about Amobee is the way that we optimize advertising campaigns.

  1. HOW: We unify audiences, which starts with measuring reach, frequency, and impact holistically across linear TV, digital-direct connected TV, programmatic, and social media.
  2. WHAT: This side-by-side analysis reveals how each channel and tactic performed against a strategic audience target to highlight the gaps and overlaps in a campaign’s reach and frequency. 
  3. WHY: The resulting insights make it easy to see how to reallocate spend, improve targeting, and control frequency to optimize for the results that drive your business’ growth.

Logo Development 

As part of our new positioning, we took a deep dive into our logo, the design rationale behind it, and the psychology of shape. When taking our holistic offering into consideration—the convergence of TV, digital, and social—and breaking down the visuals into a simplistic, iconographic representation, we could compare and analyze the elements. Every stroke must have purpose and intent in order to build equity in the Amobee message.

By overlapping these elements, we were able to visualize the equal value of each of the pillars of our business, bringing unity to our message. The logo frame itself represents the screens that occupy the many facets of our lives, whether it be television, digital-out-of-home, desktop, or mobile. The base is reminiscent of a conversation bubble, open and expressive. 

Lastly, the gradient motion path moves up and to the right in a positive trajectory, feathered at its extension because Amobee’s story is not finished, forever looking to the future as an iconic leader and innovator. 

The Brand Awareness Campaign 

With a strong creative brief focused on creating a bold, differentiated message, we approached one of the most respected and awarded copywriters in the industry, George Tannenbaum. George has spent more than half his life in the advertising business for agencies such as Ogilvy, R/GA, Hal Riney and Partners, and Ally & Gargano. He has won a total of 15 Effies, including the Grand Effie and the 5/50 Sustaining Effie. (He might be the only person on earth to have done that!) For more on George, visit his site here: 

From a planning and design perspective, we leaned heavily on the identity concept of “being fearless,” and Amobee’s established brand voice as “seriously bold and playful.” Through the use of heavy color blocking, we established Amobee as a strong competitor in the market, one that is confident in appearance and optimized for success.

To arrive at the final campaign message, “Optimization Without Unification is Waste-ification,” we produced more than 60 different creative executions and countless iterations before finally distilling our design concept into a campaign execution that could scale and represent Amobee for years to come.

We are thrilled to announce that the resulting ad creative is now running in top industry trades such as Adweek, AdAge, Digiday, Campaign, and Variety. 

And last but not least, a very special thanks to Corey Kulis, Director of Marketing, and Ryan Ondriezek, Senior Designer and Head of our Studio Team, for their creativity, hard work, and dedication to making this exciting change happen for Amobee.

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