Impressions for Good

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Take advantage of the power of digital advertising to get your organization’s message out to the world. Through our Impressions for Good program, Amobee hand-picks a limited number of non-profits looking to bring the power of our technology to further the message of their good cause. These select organizations receive free online ad impressions across a wide variety of inventory sources. Ideal for large organizations with a national audience, Impressions for Good is available in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific markets.

Since the start of the program Amobee has donated hundreds of millions of impressions to organizations such as:

  • Concern Worldwide
  • Doctors without Borders
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
  • American Red Cross
  • Big City Mountaineers
  • Vote Riders
  • unicef
  • Love146

Our Partners

  • Chief Good
  • Ad Council

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for Impressions for Good, your organization:

  • Must be recognized as a legitimate charitable organization, such as via 501(c) status in the U.S. or registration with the Charity Commission in England and Wales.
  • Must give Amobee permission to name your organization and/or provide a quote to use on our website, blog posts, social media, and in press releases, which includes use of your organization's logo.
  • Must provide online banner advertisements and landing page click-through URL.
  • Must have a wide national audience due to our inventory sources being widespread.

Impressions for Good exclusively supports advertisements in the following formats:

  • Static JPEGs and GIFs
  • IAB standard ad sizes: 160x600, 300x250, 728x90
  • 30K maximum ad file size

Amobee reserves the right to decide ad placement and make changes to that placement at anytime during the campaign depending on inventory availability. Amobee reserves the right to establish reporting criteria for all Impressions for Good campaigns. By participating in this program, the organization agrees to be bound by these terms, requirements, and criteria. Amobee reserves the right to update or modify eligibility requirements or any other criteria related to this program at any time. Amobee reserves the right to deny or suspend any organization’s participation in this program at any time.

For more information, please email:


If your organization meets the requirements above, we encourage you to apply for Impressions for Good. Once you have submitted your application, please allow 3-5 working days to be contacted by a representative.