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Auto Brand Drives Awareness

A major automotive brand tapped Turn, now Amobee, Campaign Suite to raise awareness and reach specific audiences for various vehicle lines. The automotive brand leveraged real-time strategies using a mix of re-marketing, behavioral targeting, and run of network (RON).

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Brand Protection

What’s the best way to keep your brand safe while running cost-effective campaigns? How do you maximize reach and scale while avoiding undesirable contexts?


When Data Drives Creative, Results Follow

A leading auto manufacturer wanted to gain a deeper understanding of their audience to further determine if the creative was a good fit for potential buyers. Leveraging the Amobee, Marketing Platform provided the auto brand with rich, newly discovered insights, which allowed them to rethink creative and reduce cost per lead by 50%.


Mobile Advertising Drives Site Engagement

Read how a major cosmetics brand uses mobile advertising to increase site engagement.