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Brand Protection

No marketer wants to risk the integrity of their brand by displaying ads in unsafe locations. In the great cross-channel chase for customers, advertisers want to engage target audiences in as many contexts as possible – across devices, media, and ad formats. With this complexity in mind, learn how to use brand safety tools to your advantage. 

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How to Become a Brand Protection Champion

Test your brand-protection strength to optimize the effectiveness of your campaign and learn how to become a brand champion.


Leading Travel Brand Tests Data Management Strategies

A leading online travel brand saw remarkable results after a two-week data strategy test evaluating the performance of manual data management vs. the algorithmic solution managed by Amobee Campaign Suite.


Auto Brand Drives Awareness

A major automotive brand tapped Turn, now Amobee, Campaign Suite to raise awareness and reach specific audiences for various vehicle lines. The automotive brand leveraged real-time strategies using a mix of re-marketing, behavioral targeting, and run of network (RON).