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Forrester New Wave™ Cross-Channel Video Advertising Platform Report

The convergence of TV and digital is causing a monumental shift in digital media and advertising. But as the lines blur, fragmentation grows. To navigate these new challenges, marketers and media agencies are evolving the way they approach video advertising, pivoting to new ways to plan, buy, optimize, and measure across all video forms. Cross-channel video advertising is on the rise.

To help marketers and media agencies select the right partners for their cross-channel activation, Forrester fielded The New Wave™: Cross-Channel Video Advertising Platform Report Q3, 2019. In the report, Forrester evaluated Amobee among 12 other solutions and ranked it as a leader, noting the platform:

  • Leads with robust planning and portfolio management capabilities
  • Best fit for multibrand companies investing heavily in linear and digital video by saving work hours and increasing on-target reach
  • Praised by customers on Amobee’s depth of knowledge, customer service, Nielsen integration, and optimization of cross-channel video efforts

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Cross-Channel Advertising Uncovers Sequencing’s Benefits

To capture the collective attention of South America’s passionate soccer fan base, ESPN International wanted to promote its soccer-centric website,, in five Spanish-speaking Latin American countries: Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

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Digital Video Advertising

Extend your reach to audiences with the precision of video advertising.


Video Advertising Gets the Word Out

A global CPG achieved an average 70% in-view rate on larger video player inventory, driving awareness of a new line of organic meals among target audience.