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Reach Your Target Audience While Beating Viewability Goals

A global beauty brand wanted to reach their target audience in highly viewable and contextually relevant environments to extend product awareness and then drive consideration. Find out how they beat the Integral Ad Science (IAS) industry average for video viewability by 60% and exceeded on-target reach goals by 30%.

Branding, Performance, Video, Viewability

CPG, Analytics, Branding, Performance, Video, Viewability, Case Study

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Scalable Audience Reach Estimation in Real-time Advertising

Learn how our audience forecaster uses samples to maintain accuracy and speed as data volume grows.


Using Offline Data to Increase Online Audience Reach

Learn how Experian Marketing Services used Amobee to leverage their massive offline consumer database and drive the performance of their online advertising campaigns.

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TV Audience Extension

Reach television audiences online with unprecedented scale and accuracy.