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The Best Ways to Deploy Dynamic Creative in Your Campaign Strategy

Personalized Retargeting uses data that’s passed by a pixel on the advertiser’s website.

Rules-Based Retargeting, relies on situational and 3rd party data to create relevance even when the consumer hasn’t visited an advertiser’s website.

In this video, Lori Gubin uses real-life advertiser examples of how both strategies of dynamic creative work and the types of data that can be applied for more relevant ad delivery and engagement across the customer journey.

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Dynamic Creative Solutions

Achieve breakthrough consumer engagement with personalized creative.


How Marketers Can Make Their Ads More Relevant with Dynamic Creative

In this video, Lori Gubin explains how dynamic creative makes it possible for marketers to activate their campaigns with data-driven precision.


What Kind of Results Can Marketers Expect with Dynamic Creative?

Ads built with dynamic creative increase relevance and provide a consistent consumer experience.