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Dell EMC, Mediacom and Amobee partnered to increase awareness of Dell Storage solutions by maximizing engagement among enterprise level customers through innovative digital marketing execution.


To drive campaign performance, Amobee leveraged real-time insights from the Brand Intelligence platform to identify the most qualified audience targeting based on evolving trends within the storage technology topic. In addition, Amobee set priorities for key campaign objectives, such as enhancing product awareness and highlighting key product features through and innovative storytelling approach typically reserved for B2C campaigns.

To reach Dell EMC’s target audience and drive engagement, Amobee created high impact 2D and 3D desktop and mobile rich media units which lead the audiences into a fully-navigable virtual storage room where they could interact with various parts of the three-dimensional storage unit. The custom interactive units showcased the SC9000 hardware and innovative Intel Inside technology while encouraging multiple calls-to-action.

Ad sequencing was also a key strategy applied to create an optimal frequency of 2 exposures per consumer reached, contributing to an average brand lift of 50% according to Nielsen Brand Effect results.

The creative and data-driven approach Amobee had for the Dell Enterprise Storage Campaign gave us the ability to go beyond traditional B2B marketing and engage business decision makers with exciting digital experiences that resulted in significant brand lift and campaign performance. - Ana Villegas, Marketing Director, North America Commercial Business at Dell


Overall, Dell EMC achieved a 36% brand lift among enterprise consumers as a direct result of the cross-channel campaign. The rich media units resulted in a 13% increase in performance month-over-month, and consumers spent nearly 12-seconds engaging with the 3D unit, with tablet users exceeding 18-seconds of interaction with the Dell Storage creative.

Through the campaign, display achieved a 74% lower Cost Per High Value Engagement, or CPHVE, while multiscreen Video reached a 480% CPHVE efficiency increase. High value engagements show the sum of occurrences of multiple page views, social shares, 80% video play, 100% video play and file downloads on or any Dell digital property.

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