Airbnb Partners With Amobee To Launch Award Winning Advertising Campaign


Airbnb partnered with Amobee to deliver Display, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest ads across mobile and desktop devices targeted to key audience segments in Australia, Germany, India, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States. The goal was to increase awareness, consumer engagement and site traffic with their “Personal” campaign which was part of “Live There,” the brand’s largest, global digital advertising initiative.


Video View Through Rate


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Minutes Spent in Facebook Canvas Ads

That’s why we chose Amobee; we found a partner that can move as fast as we do and solve for scale.

Eric Toda, Global Head of Social Marketing & Content – Brand Marketing at Airbnb


Leveraging Amobee’s proprietary Brand Intelligence technology powered by Kontera which analyzes over 60 billion consumer digital content engagements per day, Airbnb identified and utilized key audience insights and trends to amplify their ad placements. By strategically delivering Airbnb’s uniquely interactive Conversational Video ad units that encouraged users to share campaign messages with ease around emerging and real-time trends and interests, Airbnb was able to drive views, mentions and responses from the right consumers at the right time, focusing optimization around holiday related travel consumption as well as real time peaking interest.

The cross-channel activation strategy on social, mobile and digital video educated consumers about unique travel opportunities around specific cities by leveraging consumer demographics and interests. Variations of each creative on each platform were tested to learn which ad units resonated with audiences driving the most engagement. Optimizations were then made based on real time and historical insights using Amobee Brand Intelligence technology.

Airbnb Partners With Amobee To Launch Award Winning Advertising Campaign


Airbnb’s digital “Personal” campaign extended the brand’s broader marketing efforts, including TV and print. By strategically utilizing video across social, mobile and display environments, Airbnb was able to educate consumers about alternatives to “cookie cutter” travel. Utilizing Amobee’s unified platform with global scale, Airbnb’s ads were delivered around emerging trends and interests which efficiently improved reach among the intended target audience, ultimately transforming personal interests into a global connection.

Overall, Airbnb reached over 101M global users with the “Live There” digital campaign; driving 70 million video views at an average view-through rate of 10.09 percent. Consumer engagement with the Airbnb brand was also measured at 230,000-plus minutes of time spent in the immersive Facebook Canvas ad experience. All markets exceeded completion rate benchmarks, with South Korea leading at 86 percent.