Amobee 3D Ads for BMW Surpass Expansion & Engagement Benchmarks


With only two i Series vehicles in North America and mass production to start two years in advance, BMW faced the challenge of educating consumers about the vehicle line without a physical product.

Universal McCann Worldwide (UMWW), Editions by AOL, and Amobee worked in partnership to create a stunning virtual showroom for mobile users to experience the futuristic BMW i8.


Average Rich Media Engagement Rate Increase


Rich Media Expansion Rate Increase

What i think is cool about the BMW spot is that it exemplifies a strong digital magazine ad execution. It looks like a glossy full page ad, and conveys a message even if the viewer doesn’t interact with it. But at the same time it has just enough animation and interactivity to make it dynamic and interesting.

Joe Laszlo, Sr. Director, Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence at IAB


BMW relied on Amobee’s unique 3D ad unit to create an immersive, engaging showroom experience on mobile devices. The ad unit goes beyond the capabilities of typical mobile creative, and unlocks the power of mobile graphics processors with the advertising industry’s only real-time 3D engine.

Amobee 3D Ads for BMW Surpass Expansion & Engagement Benchmarks


The ad was so innovative that it was featured in the IAB Tablet Creative Showcase.

It’s engaging features and superior design led to an engagement rate 2.1 times greater than benchmarks, while the expansion rate surpassed typical performance by 420%.