Lexus Boosts Video Engagement and Qualified Traffic Rates


Lexus and Walton Isaacson needed help reaching multicultural audiences in certain geographic regions, with the goal of increasing consideration for the IS and RX Lexus models in addition to driving qualified traffic to Lexus dealer sites.


YoY Increase in Video Engagement


Annual Qualified Traffic Rate Increase

Amobee’s Brand Intelligence platform provides our agency the deep level of data and insights that enables us to reach more multicultural audiences for Lexus by being able to apply unique targeting optimizations for digital video in real time. This has generated year-over-year and monthly results that have increased qualified dealer site traffic rate and overall cost effectiveness.

Albert Thompson, Director, Digital Strategy at Walton Isaacson


Using Amobee INK cloud-based audience targeting technology, qualified consumers were identified based on criteria that supported Lexus brand values of innovation, performance, and technology. Frequency capping ensured maximize brand awareness while maintaining efficiency throughout the campaign. In addition, Amobee Brand Intelligence produced actionable insights across key audience targets and interest segments.

Lexus Boosts Video Engagement and Qualified Traffic Rates


Amobee’s audience targeting optimizations resulted in 301% higher user engagement and 41% more qualified traffic to Lexus dealer sites in comparison to the previous year.