Snuggle Brand Increases Ad Spend Efficiency by 200%


Snuggle’s goal was to efficiently acquire Facebook Fans and drive engagement through video for their Valentine’s Day campaign.


Efficiency Increase in Cost Per Fan


Increase in Click Through Rate


Video Completion Rate

Amobee’s technology gave us the power to more deeply understand Snuggle’s target audience behavior cross channel so we could extend our reach to those users with relevant advertising, while reducing costs and increasing impact.

Kate Sinnott, AMD on Sun Products at Merkley + Partners


Amobee created a customized audience engagement strategy utilizing Premium Promoted Video Posts on Facebook and In-Stream Video across premium publishers within the Amobee Video Network. To guarantee efficiency, Amobee provided performance pricing on CPC and Cost Per Completed Video View.

Amobee aggregated proprietary cross channel and Facebook Ads API data to identify key shopping behavior insights, as well as target audience preferences.

Post-campaign, Amobee provided in-depth campaign analysis with actionable cross channel insights to ensure continued engagement growth for the Snuggle brand.

Snuggle Brand Increases Ad Spend Efficiency by 200%


Amobee’s real-time optimization technology and cross channel data increased engagement rates across both channels, improving campaign efficiency. Snuggle’s cost-per-fan efficiency rate increased by 200% and their click through rate increased by 193%. Overall, Snuggle saw a 96% video completion rate during the campaign.