Spotify Drives Exceptional Media Performance in Australia and New Zealand with Amobee


With high brand awareness in Australia and New Zealand, Spotify sought to impact lower-funnel brand metrics of consideration and familiarity through topical meme-inspired creative and interactive rich-media banners.


Engagement Rate in Australia


Engagement Rate in New Zealand

Leveraging the depth of our first party data in conjunction with 3rd party tools like Amobee’s Brand Intelligence Platform, we were able to create hyper-relevant assets based on real time insights, granularly targeted to our desired audience. Data-informed creative and media is always a top performing combination for Spotify.

Rosie Rothery, Marketing Manager, Australia & New Zealand at Spotify


Spotify and Foundation partnered with Amobee to identify trending topics to fuel quick-turn topical creative direction through listening moments and dynamic content messaging. Amobee’s patented Brand Intelligence technology was leveraged to track key music and entertainment related topics in real-time and to deliver daily insights to Spotify for creative ideation.

Additionally, Spotify created rich media banner assets, which utilized Spotify’s open API, to generate a preview experience of the app including the ability to play 30 seconds of a song from within the ad unit. Each interactive banner displayed up to four different playlists per creative. Amobee featured these interactive banners in high impact mobile ad placements on contextually relevant web pages and articles.

Spotify Drives Exceptional Media Performance in Australia and New Zealand with Amobee


By strategically utilizing Amobee’s Brand Intelligence technology to create insights about online behavior and trends, Spotify was able to effectively reach and engage a millennial cohort. Overall, the commitment to data-informed creative backed by real-time audience targeting resulted in exceptional performance in Australia and New Zealand.