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How to Future-Proof Your Brand Identity With Converged ID

by Justin Shelby, February 04, 2021
Amobee's Converged ID

With the continued expansion of privacy regulations and the imminent death of cookies, it has become more important than ever for brands to find the right balance between personalization and privacy. Investing in solutions now that are purpose-built for understanding people and household identities will be the cornerstone of success as the advertising industry evolves beyond third-party identifiers.  

Why people-plus-panel data will drive the future of personalization

While advertising’s past was defined by a single identity solution, the future will be a seamless blend of multiple identity solutions that enable advertisers to increase cookieless reach with permission-based data.

By combining people-based and TV panel-based data at the household level, advertisers can bridge TV and digital identity forms into a unified profile and reach multiple users across multiple devices. This powerful combination enables advertisers to find optimal household and person frequency so you can optimize your campaign personalization strategy, reduce waste, and better understand the impact of sales.

  • People-based data leverages customer data from both offline and online sources to more accurately recognize and reach customers on any device. This rich data source gives brands first-party data from only registered users so they can deliver personalized experiences across laptops, tablets, smartphones, TV, and all connected devices.
  • Panel-based TV data utilizes third-party data relationships extracted from desktop software, mobile apps, and browser extensions to access panel participant’s interaction with digital content. The panel consists of millions of users globally collected on an “opt-in” basis and represents various demographic locations and consumer demographics. Because users may “opt-in” or “opt-out” at any given time, the panel is considered “live,” continuously updating to reflect U.S. Census demographic breakdown. 

A future of targeting and measuring without cookies

By linking people-plus-panel data, Amobee has developed an identity solution architecture that allows safe paths for advertisers to engage with consumers in quality environments where cookies are no longer the main currency. Amobee Converged ID provides advertisers with a real-time, standardized, and privacy-compliant solution designed at the core of our platform that drives the switch from third- to first-party data because it doesn’t rely on a single form of identity. 

Brands and agencies can evaluate whether they want to leverage their own data to find the optimal way to plan and measure their audience across channels and devices. Converged ID enables them to confidently use consent-based data to provide a more personalized consumer experience at scale. 

This helps marketers balance the juxtaposition between personalization and privacy by providing ethical data solutions and honoring opt-outs in their platform, and they can more easily manage campaigns across all screens, from planning and measurement to setting up frequency capping, forecasting, attribution, optimization, and reporting.

Here’s how to get started with Amobee Converged ID

  • Create a baseline with your opt-in TV panel data and Converged ID will then link to households. 
  • Whether you want to engage with your audience deterministically or probabilistically, Amobee will then connect this TV panel data to people-based marketing data.
  • By linking together TV panel data and this person- or household-level data, we’re able to create a Converged ID that enables you to create smarter media plans across screens and drive optimal reach and frequency
  • Work with your Amobee solutions partner to tailor your approach to identity management so you can effectively reach your customers in a “soon-to-be” cookieless environment. 

Conquer the future with personalization and privacy compliance

With ongoing investments in cookieless solutions, including a longstanding partnership with LiveRamp—a leader in data connectivity and identity technology for the past decade—Amobee is embracing this era of customer identity by rethinking the way we deliver relevant advertising to our consumers. We’re developing solutions that are aligned with market standards and privacy regulations that ensure the protection of our consumers’ privacy rights with only the safe and effective use of data. 

Contact us today at to learn more about how Converged ID can help you take those first steps to balancing consumer privacy with personalization so you can conquer the future with confidence.


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