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A leading DSP for advertisers and agencies, and a buy-side pillar of Tremor International’s end-to-end technology stack, Amobee’s platform unifies TV, programmatic, digital and social for optimized cross-channel campaign performance.

Tremor International is an end-to-end, video-first advertising technology platform providing a valuable toolset for the entire customer journey/path. We support planning, activation and optimization for omnichannel campaigns, with a deep reservoir of CTV in our marketplace. But not only do we have the inventory, we have demand-side technology, unique data, and dynamic creative with our award-winning in-house Tr.ly studio. With Tremor, brands, agencies and media companies discover and reach strategic audiences, launch and optimize resonant campaigns, build powerful partnerships, and achieve meaningful results.

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For Advertisers

Go beyond conventional demand-side platforms (DSPs) by engaging your audiences across all media. Deliver meaningful messages that drive sales by optimizing your reach and frequency across TV and digital.

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For Broadcasters

Step into the future of audience-based selling to optimize yield across your full media portfolio. Maximize revenue from TV in all its forms with cross-platform tools for planning, sales and measurement.

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The Amobee Investment Planning Playbook

From Strategy to Action.

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The only unified advertising platform for TV, CTV, digital and social.

Optimize your advertising campaigns with unified workflows for planning, buying, and measurement that drive incremental performance with Amobee's advertising solutions.

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Amobee's leading end to end advertising platform

An automated platform with data expertise to grow your business.

Coordinate your total video strategy

With TV Amplifier, extend your linear TV audience targeting with CTV, digital and social for an unrivaled level of precision and control.

Amobee's TV Amplifier

Measure audiences, not siloed channels

With 4Screen reports, use data to holistically understand consumers' actions through the full marketing funnel, regardless of screen. Gain actionable insights so you can spend money where you make money.

Amobee helps optimize performance

Optimize your Upfront and NewFront deals

Get more value from your linear TV ad dollars by deploying advanced audience insights and forecasting to inform every part of your media plan.

unify, optimize & grow your business

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  • Amobee's TV Amplifier
  • Amobee helps optimize performance
  • unify, optimize & grow your business

As we continue to build out a more modern approach to media investment focused on cross-screen reach and optimization and buying against better defined audiences, Amobee has proven to be a great partner. – Michael Law, President, Amplifi USA, dentsu

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