OptimizeDrive KPIs with AI-led strategies

Modify our algorithms to your goals

Optimize multiple metrics simultaneously using our custom Amobee performance algorithms; compute hundreds of variables in milliseconds to serve a lasting impression.

Adjust budgets and inventory yield at scale

Reach desired audiences and maximize performance with real-time allocation algorithms that guarantee volume and pricing across screens.

Impact mid-flight performance using offline signals

Refine online optimization methods for offline metrics like foot traffic and in-store purchase, using Amobee’s in-flight optimization solution.

What's Inside

In-Flight Optimization

Connect offline purchase data to your campaign activity, seeing exactly how your audience segments, sites and ad frequency are impacting sales. Get right into your campaign mid-flight to optimize based on user-level data and performance metrics.

Use Cases:

  • — Sales Lift
  • — Footfall Lift
  • — UPC Integration

Custom Algorithms

With custom and third-party algorithmic modeling, you can power dCPM campaigns and optimize bidding with something as simple as user-level scores. Elevate your bidding with automated data analysis and predictive model markup language.

Use Cases:

  • — PMML
  • — Bid Price Optimization
  • — Bring Your Own Algorithm

Multi-Goal Optimization

Combine multiple KPIs on a single line item to optimize branding and performance simultaneously. Let real-time signals feed the AI decision-making and automate across all media tactics.

Use Cases:

  • — Expressive Bidding
  • — Media Optimization
  • — Nielsen DAR

Dynamic Creative

Leverage dynamic messaging for copy, images and video to meet consumers where they are – then guide creative enhancements in real-time and at scale. Add in segmenting, precise targeting and AI optimizations to maximize the impact of your creative.

Use Cases:

  • — Sequenced Messaging
  • — Creative A/B Testing
  • — AI-led Algorithms

Budget Allocation

Save time and get the best results through automatic allocation across campaigns, accounts and channels. Let budget flow to the campaign tactics that are winning, and reap the benefits of a holistic approach to marketing spend.

Use Cases:

  • — Mixed Media Modeling
  • — Multi-Touch Attribution
  • — Cross-Channel Analysis


Impact campaigns when it counts.

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