PlanOrchestrate the entire journey

Construct linear TV, digital and social campaigns

Accurately measure expected demand, cost and performance across all screen strategies through centralized forecasting tools.

Reach users at the person level

Manage audience messaging, measurement and exposure across a person’s multiple browsers and devices by leveraging Amobee’s identity graph.

Manage your media portfolio

Increase efficiency of media investments by managing owned media, private marketplaces and open market programmatic inventory in one place.

What's Inside


Make predictions with astounding accuracy. Know what will be available, and when: which site impressions, which audiences. Forecast anything and everything from inventory pricing metrics to audience reach, frequency and overlap.

Use Cases:

  • — Inventory Availability
  • — Cross-Device Targeting
  • — Global Frequency Management

Audience Syndication

Connect the dots across all channels to reach your customer everywhere they live online. Target across hundreds of audience attributes such as purchase patterns, site visits, demographics, apps and content to get your one, true audience. Then go them via one buy that covers DSPs, ad networks, sites and social.

Use Cases:

  • — Digital to Social Frequency Management
  • — Programmatic Guaranteed
  • — Sequenced Messaging

People-Based Marketing

Build a personal connection with each customer via customizing paths to purchase, delivering content based on individual interests, activating ad suppression, or velocity retargeting in response to their level of engagement with your brand.

Use Cases:

  • — Global Frequency Management
  • — Dynamic Retargeting
  • — Cross-Device Targeting

Campaign Automation

With a single, centralized location that can ingest media plans and tracking sheets for you, you’ll set up, manage, maintain and measure campaigns with ease. No more costly manual errors or wasted time switching back and forth between applications.

Use Cases:

  • — Workflow Efficiency
  • — Taxonomy Management
  • — Third-Party Trafficking

Creative Personalization

Deliver the experiences that win awards – but also win the hearts and minds of your audience. Get personal and be memorable with customized content in premium formats like rich media, 3D and VR. Deeper engagement = higher ROAS for all brands, no matter what industry you’re in.

Use Cases:

  • — High-Impact Ad Units
  • — Proprietary VR Creatives
  • — Immersive 3D Ad Experiences


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