Broadcaster Solutions

Maximize revenue from
TV in all its forms

Unify audiences across your total media portfolio.

Give buyers the precision they want and the deduplicated audiences they need across all screens and distribution platforms. Having a complete view of your audience creates the bedrock to increasing yield.

Put data to work and transact on your terms.

Optimize your sales process with data-driven solutions while maintaining complete control of how you sell your inventory.

Maximize revenue with multi-channel tools.

Grow business by giving advertisers what they want. Leverage cutting-edge planning, packaging, sales and measurement capabilities to extract more value from your inventory.

Our exclusive license to use Amobee’s technology and develop it to best serve the needs of advertisers enables us to create our own platform, and as that rolls out we’ll look to invite other broadcasters to join. – Kelly Williams, Managing Director of Commercial at ITV


Advanced yield optimization

Maximize the value of your linear TV and CTV inventory together with Amobee's unified optimization tools.

Cross-screen and platform packaging

Plan, forecast, package and sell inventory across all distribution platforms in a single place.

Complex portfolio allocation

Use data to ensure efficient allocation of your inventory across all competing demand and sales channels.

Holistic measurement and attribution

Provide buyers with comprehensive campaign measurement and attribution across multiple screens.

Maintain full inventory control

Manage buyer access, validate buyer quality, and get transparent insight into who is buying your inventory and how it's being sold.

Manage guarantees and increase flexibility

Deliver on reach requirements across linear TV and CTV while extracting the most value from your inventory.

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