​ActivateExecute across all screens

Buy TV, reserved and bidded

Execute against audiences at scale without the guesswork of upfronts versus auction buying. Unify data, media and devices within Amobee’s yield management tools.

Automate social campaign set up and execution

Hit the ground running and drive better performance by leveraging Amobee’s performance and QA algorithms. Faster and easier than native social advertising tools, they're custom built for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn platforms.

Drive programmatic performance at scale

Deliver high-quality impressions with absolute transparency. Meet your campaign and budget goals within brand-safe environments across the open exchange and private marketplaces.

What's Inside

TV Audience Extension

Reach unexposed linear TV audiences with digital video through the deterministic mapping of Nielsen’s TV Fusion panel against your brand’s broadcast schedule. Then, orchestrate brand messaging across all screens for unexposed users along with 1st- and 3rd-party data sets.

Use Cases:

  • — Nielsen Measurement
  • — Audience Extension
  • — Incrementality

Social Campaign Automation

Save time and reduce errors with media automation tools that turn placement-level plans into social executions.

Use Cases:

  • — Media Automation
  • — Auto Optimization Algorithms
  • — Power Auditor

Portfolio Management

Allocation tools maximize audience value and media profit across a portfolio of brands in real time.

Use Cases:

  • — Inventory Efficiency
  • — Incrementality
  • — Budget Allocation

Programmatic Guaranteed

The scale of programmatic combined with the transparency and brand safety standards your brand requires. Get certainty with a guaranteed 99% response rate on top-tier inventory, and controlled exposure with exclusive media measurement. Max out on efficiency with flexible buying models to accommodate every type of buy.

Use Cases:

  • — Media Efficiency
  • — Portfolio Management
  • — Data Onboarding

​Omnichannel Frequency Cap

Get the formula for omnichannel success and implement it immediately. Interaction data tells you the optimal exposure for your brand across digital and social, then allows you to frequency cap simultaneously across both. Automate your exposure across all media tactics for highest performance.

Use Cases:

  • — People-Based Marketing
  • — Dynamic Audience Management
  • — Unduplicated Reach


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