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Just released: Amobee’s Data Science and Engineering teams upgraded the algorithm that predicts Action Rate at bid time to make it more accurate by utilizing machine learning. Platform-wide CPAs improved by 33% while two major DTC retailers saw 36% and 39% improvements respectively, with minimal impact to campaign scale/pacing, outperforming competitive platforms including search and social.

Only Amobee makes it easy for you to find your audience—no matter where they are or what they’re watching.

That’s good for you. Good for your business. Good for consumers.

Discover how Amobee’s end-to-end, cross-channel, advertising solution can drive better results for you and your clients. See Amobee in action in everyday situations like:

  • Understanding the impact of Linear TV and Digital media
  • Orchestrating TV and Digital Campaigns
  • Linking offline sales to digital marketing
  • Positioning your brand against competitors
  • Targeting your 1P Audience in the future with cookies going away
  • Using Amobee to manage, troubleshoot, and forecast your private deal marketplace
  • Analyzing and optimizing your campaigns
  • Using bid multipliers to quickly manage multiple acts and campaigns
  • Managing hundreds of line items quickly and easily
  • Finding and target in-market audiences on TV


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As we continue to build out a more modern approach to media investment focused on cross-screen reach, optimization, and buying against better-defined audiences, Amobee has proven to be a great partner. – Michael Law, President, Amplifi USA, dentsu

An automated advertising platform with data expertise to grow your business.

Coordinate your total video strategy

With TV Amplifier, extend your linear TV audience targeting with CTV, digital and social for an unrivaled level of precision and control.

Amobee's TV Amplifier

Complement traditional TV with CTV

With CTV Allocator, plan and optimize campaigns that complement your linear media investments. Deliver against reach and frequency KPIs, quarter after quarter.

Unify tv, ctv, and social

Measure audiences, not siloed channels

With 4Screen reports, use data to holistically understand consumers' actions through the full marketing funnel, regardless of screen. Gain actionable insights so you can spend money where you make money.

Amobee helps optimize performance

Optimize your Upfront and NewFront deals

Get more value from your linear TV ad dollars by deploying advanced audience insights and forecasting to inform every part of your media plan.

unify, optimize & grow your business
  • Amobee's TV Amplifier
  • Unify tv, ctv, and social
  • Amobee helps optimize performance
  • unify, optimize & grow your business

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