AnalyzeMake better decisions

Eliminate media inefficiencies

Increase working media by uncovering the true costs of third-party data, platform fees, viewability vendors and brand safety filters.

Bridge offline sales with online data

Measure bottom line performance from marketing efforts by matching offline KPIs, like footfall and in-store purchase, to granular campaign details like creatives, tactics, audiences and devices.

Take ownership of your data with exportable user-level analytics

Evolve future strategies with transparent, unaggregated data that demystifies the consumer journey and incremental lift of advertising efforts.

What's Inside

Consumer Journey Analysis

Use real-time and historical insights to understand which elements influence the path to purchase, and uncover new paths to conversion. Adjust your approach accordingly, from creative strategy to budget allocation.

Use Cases:

  • — Journey Orchestration
  • — Working Media Analysis
  • — Media Optimization

Lift & Incrementality

Measure true performance and cross-channel effectiveness of each campaign. Don’t ask "if it worked” – find out precisely how well it worked through accurate measurement of the lift that resulted from the ad you served. Prove which audience segments provide the highest ROAS and optimize retargeting spend.

Use Cases:

  • — Customer Journey Analytics
  • — Attribution
  • — Media Optimization

Media Source Efficiency

Quickly identify the highest performing media channels, inclusive of Amobee and partners. See viewability metrics and impression overlap across each channel and partner, then hone in on the most efficient media sources to streamline buying.

Use Cases:

  • — Reach & Frequency Management
  • — Cross Platform Analytics
  • — Media Optimization

Audience Insights

Understand what they’re most interested in, when and why they engage with you, and on which channels and devices they’re converting the most. Armed with this knowledge, conduct future planning with confidence.

Use Cases:

  • — Cross Device Analysis
  • — Behavioral Insights
  • — Cross Channel Analysis

3rd Party Measurement

Take a look upstream to see how attention metrics are impacting your awareness and conversion rates. Create or redefine user journeys based on impressions, adjusting campaigns to KPIs that will drive users down-funnel and generate positive business outcomes. No more blind spots.

Use Cases:

  • — Post Campaign Lift
  • — Conversion Rates
  • — Campaign Insights


See what's working, what's not, and why.

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