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Access on-demand research tools

Understand anything from overarching ecosystem to granular audience-level insights using aggregated data from the bidstream, major social platforms and our panel of 50 million consumers worldwide.

Develop unique data strategies

Enhance opportunities to reach potential consumers with timely messaging by merging owned data assets with Amobee’s robust second and third-party data marketplace.

Extend linear TV insights to digital channels

Create briefs that transcend channels and screens by deterministically mapping known high-value customers to Nielsen’s TV Fusion panel for linear TV exposure insights.

What's Inside

Audience Intelligence

Reach the right people with definitive targeting, leveraging a rich taxonomy of data from 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-party sources. Uncover new audiences through unique demographic attributes, contextual relevance and advanced segmentation tools.

Use Cases:

  • — Segment Creation
  • — Amobee Precision Targets
  • — Inventory Curation

​Competitive Research

Find out exactly how consumers feel about your competitors through data captured on the infinite web. Identify patterns of consumer sentiment on social, mobile and video to fully understand your own strength and position compared to others.

Use Cases:

  • — Prospecting Strategies
  • — Competitive Set Analysis
  • — Segment Creation

Sentiment and Trends

Get your finger on the pulse of digital trends, monitoring the ebb and flow of 60 billion content engagements a day – across all channels and devices. Respond proactively to consumer sentiment as it’s happening, keeping a finger on the pulse of your brand.

Use Cases:

  • — Amobee Triggers
  • — Brand Monitoring
  • — Contextual Targeting

Data Onboarding

Turn your 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-party audience data into strategic segments, with thousands of triggered action combinations. Access an enormous library of on-demand audiences for modeling and cluster profiling, as well as testing media mix attribution and incremental lift.

Use Cases:

  • — Nielsen Linear TV Exposure Analysis
  • — CRM Retargeting
  • — In-Flight Optimization

Inventory Intelligence

Reveal swathes of relevant inventory that would otherwise go undiscovered. Inform your purchase decision with in-depth knowledge of buying patterns, top sites/visits, dayparting trends, core attributes, audience interests and even geolocation.

Use Cases:

  • — Nielsen Linear TV Viewership Analysis
  • — PMP Discovery
  • — Site List Creation


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