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Ambitious Marketers’
Guide to Television

This guide will show you three steps on how to unify partnerships and audience investments, optimize and complement linear TV and CTV buys, and apply new data-driven technology to measure reach and attribution so you can grow your business.

Success Stories


Learn how this brand increased its overall incremental lift by 61.8% during Covid’s state-wide shutdowns and restrictions to drive growth.


2020 Disrupted The Upfronts… What’s Next?

Listen as Amobee, Fox Corp and Publicis discuss how 2020 forced TV media sellers and buyers to reboot the way they transact on reserved premium content, otherwise known as the Upfronts.


Drive Outcomes With Converged TV, CTV and Digital Measurement

Leaders from Amobee and Molson Coors explore the impact and issues of measurement fragmentation and how new demographically verified solutions enable the industry to redefine the planning and buying process.


Future-Proof Your Consumer Data Strategy: A Framework for 2021 and Beyond

How are you future-proofing your consumer identity strategy? Watch our on-demand webinar with MolsonCoors and Forrester as we discuss how you can take control of your data and plan for a cookieless world.


The Big Connected TV Planning Problem… as Told by a Hungry Media Strategist

Amobee’s CTV Allocator removes the proverbial blindfold to reveal the full spread in all its delicious glory. Allocating your programmatic CTV in tandem with pre-negotiated linear and digital direct video allows you to forecast unique reach, pace against strategic targets, and manage your frequency holistically and in real-time


AW2020 Webinar: Bringing Social Responsibility, Accountability, and Action to Media

Amobee joins Campaign Zero and Universal McCann to discuss social responsibility in the ad industry and how we can actively work together to truly make a difference in ending systemic racism and social injustice.


AW2020 Webinar: Innovations in Supply Path Optimization (SPO)

Join Amobee's Max Knight and Jounce Media's Chris Kane to further your understanding of Supply Path Optimization, or SPO, and the best definitions and strategies for enforcing supply in digital advertising.


AW2020 Webinar: Maximizing the CTV Moment

Amobee, L'Oréal, MilkPEP, Starcom Worldwide, and MolsonCoors assess the evolving CTV advertising landscape and how advertisers can capture opportunities to optimize cross-screen inventory planning.


Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Ad Tech 2020 Report

Access a complimentary copy of Gartner’s Magic Quandrant for Ad Tech 2020 Report to learn more about how to choose the right ad tech partner for your brand in today’s fragmented media landscape.


Maximizing the CTV Moment: Harnessing the Hottest Growing Medium in Advertising

Join us for the Fall TV Advertising Summit as we discuss how marketers, broadcasters and agencies are maximizing the current CTV movement and what to expect in the coming months and years.


Converge 100% of your premium and programmatic connected TV

Learn how Amobee can help you unify your media investments and converge 100% of your premium and programmatic connected TV.

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