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Connecting Human Behaviors to Audience Discovery: Insights from a Leading Auto Brand

Discover how a leading auto brand harnessed complex data streams to identify emerging trends within multicultural communities and breakthrough to new audiences.


It’s Time to Lead: Reimagining Success in The Age of Cross-Platform Video

It’s up to us to use our tools effectively, become better marketers, and lead the way in the age of cross-platform advertising. Join us in a conversation that will challenge the status quo.


United TV and Digital Measurement: Growing Your Brand’s ROI With Today’s Integrated Reporting

TV and digital advertising have their own strengths and weaknesses but have been historically treated as siloed tactics. Learn how to overcome this.


Enhance your CTV Strategy: Break Down Silos and Deliver Results

The TV industry is undergoing fundamental change. Learn how to overcome the challenges of the changing industry from industry leaders, Tim Spengler of Amobee and Adam Gerber of GroupM.


Amobee Email Marketing Capabilities

The Amobee Email is a custom email marketing solution that reaches the right consumer at the right time to drive growth for your business.

BIPOC Supply Marketplace Highlights

Amobee fully supports the BIPOC movement and aims to create a more just and egalitarian world, especially when it comes to media buying. Learn how Amobee is supporting this movement in our own unique way.


Smart Contextual: The Next Generation of High-Impact Targeting Solutions is Here.

35% more time and cost-effective than behavioral targeting tactics. The next generation of high-impact targeting solutions is here. Learn More.


4 Ways to Keep Identity Without Cookies

Join Kara Puccinelli, VP of strategic partnerships at Amobee, and Hannah Scolnik, programmatic and data strategy manager at Molson Coors, for a look at real-life examples and easy-to-comprehend solutions that will replace cookies.


Smart Contextual Release: Get the results, ditch the cookies

Targeting, scale, & performance. It’s what we all crave. With the deprecation of third-party cookies, Smart Contextual is here to save the day.


Here’s how to conquest the first major sporting event of 2021

With the first major sporting event of the year being a sell out, make sure you're prepared to win the day. Learn more from our latest report.


Convergent TV Summit: Unifying TV and Programmatic to Grow Your Business

With viewership fragmentation growing across cable TV, streaming apps, and the internet, making sure that you understand viewership content trends is crucial to successfully reach consumers across all screens.

Success Stories

H&L Partners

See how H&L Partners was able to boost an auto client's best cross-channel performance to date by leveraging 4Screen and TV Amplifier across linear TV, CTV, desktop, and mobile.

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