Social Responsibility

Aligning community values with business values.

At Amobee, social responsibility isn’t a program. It’s the way we run our business. It starts with treating people—employees, vendors, customers, and partners—with respect and kindness. It’s the way we give to communities, both local and global. It extends to environmental stewardship and waste reduction. And it’s embedded in the technology that drives our business.


Amobee attracts some of the most talented and capable people in the industry. That’s because we provide employees an enjoyable workplace and a full package of benefits. Modern office spaces in prime metro centers are host to game areas, and kitchens stocked with healthy snacks. We provide generous time-off programs, fitness memberships, employee assistance programs, and family-friendly practices that keep life in balance. Our insurance options include PPO and HSA plans with a best-in-class company contribution.

We’re interested in developing leaders that will change the face of the industry. To support individual development, we offer product training, management courses, and development sessions hosted by industry experts.


Amobee works to contribute to the communities where we operate. We purchase from local businesses whenever possible and buy lunches from local independent restaurants four days a week. We are proud to be a member of Food Runners, a volunteer organization that picks up and delivers excess food to local food shelters and food programs. We empower employees by supporting time off for volunteer work and organizing a company-wide giveback week.

As a leader in digital advertising, Amobee helps select organizations to broadcast their important messages, providing complimentary ad impressions, ad serving, and media fees in support of their online campaigns. In 2014, our Impressions for Good program accumulated nearly three hundred million impressions for non-profits such as the Born This Way Foundation, Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness, and the American Red Cross.


We are constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. We choose office sites located near transport centers, and we offer employee incentives for using public transportation. We mandate recycling in all offices, and provide employees ceramic mugs and BPA-free water bottles in lieu of disposable cups and bottled water.

Amobee data centers are located at facilities that make efficient use of natural resources and commit to high standards of sustainability. We give extra points to facilities for certifications related to green initiatives. We extend those efforts by designing our data centers according to industry best practices, with a dense footprint that maximizes airflow, optimizes cooling, and reduces use of natural resources. And because Amobee consolidates many diverse digital advertising tasks into one platform, less hardware and fewer resources are required to run the world’s online campaigns.


Amobee takes data privacy very seriously. Our technology only uses anonymous information, and we contractually require our data and inventory partners to send us only anonymous information. If an Amobee vendor doesn’t comply with our rigorous standards, we turn them off. Amobee adheres (and requires its partners and clients to adhere) to applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards. Amobee was one of only 30 companies to earn the eDAA Trust Seal in Europe.

As an industry leader, Amobee participates actively in industry groups—IAB, DAA, and NAI—that are establishing safety mechanisms, implementing best practices, and enforcing guidelines to safeguard consumer privacy. We also collaborate with the same industry organizations to develop and enforce standards that serve to improve the consumer experience and preserve Internet diversity.