Learn about Experiments

The below faqs are a list of answers about Amobee Experiments. If you’re an Amobee DSP client, please visit our Help Center for more tips and tricks.

Frequently asked questions about Experiments on the Amobee DSP

How are experiments run on the Amobee DSP?

Experiments within the Campaigns module is available to all Amobee DSP users. You can set up A/B creative testing and PSAs on your own, but we recommend contacting us Contact Us.

How can I run an experiment on video?

Amobee recommends that video experiments be of the Ghost Bidding type rather than the PSA Ads Testing type. For PSA tests, you’ll pay null ads at the standard CPM market value. To run Ghost Bidding experiments, you’ll pay 0.10 CPM for display ads and 0.20 CPM for video ads at the CPM market value.

Using Ghost Bidding is more cost efficient and achieves the same test purpose.

Why has my experiment object stopped delivering to users?

If you have an experiment applied to any specific IO/ package/line item and the experiment opts out due to untrackable users in that experiment object, then the IO/package/LI also opts out of delivering to those users.