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The below faqs are a list of answers about Amobee Rich Media. If you’re an Amobee DSP client, please visit our Help Center for more tips and tricks.

Frequently asked questions about Rich Media on the Amobee DSP

Which rich media partners does Amobee integrate with or have inventory access to via other SSPs?

Amobee integrates with the following partners for rich media inventory:

- Wunderkind (formerly BounceX)
- GumGum

Note: Please confirm the latest capabilities with the specific partner you are working with.

Amobee can access inventory of the following rich media partners via other supply partners:
- Kargo
- Undertone
- Padsquad

How do I access rich media inventory?

Most rich media partners require a deal ID that targets the appropriate inventory. Some units can be run on the open exchange too.

Do I need specific creative assets to run rich media?

Yes, most partners can help translate existing assets into rich media units. Contact your rich media partner for more information.

How long does it take to set up a rich media buy?

On average, it takes about two weeks from creative development to launch depending on the number of rounds in the creative review process.

Amobee’s Rapid Rich Media Solution can be activated in six business days or less.

Which KPIs are most successful for rich media?

You can optimize to any KPI (CTR, CPC, CPA) on the Amobee DSP. We recommend working with the partner to ensure that the creative is aligned with your campaign KPIs.

Do I need to run with a third-party partner for rich media?

No, but you can.

Amobee is integrated with the partners listed above. In addition, Amobee also offers in-house rich media offering units that can be created and executed directly in the DSP with help from the Amobee Creative Services team.

What sort of targeting can I run with rich media?

Additional targeting will hinder reach and should be limited. Most rich media partners offer premium inventory vs. standard display, so targeting should be approached accordingly (follow the guidance of your rich media partner). We recommend setting up multiple targeting strategies to allow for optimization.

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