Learn about Targeting & Retargeting

The below faqs are a list of answers about Amobee Targeting & Retargeting. If you’re an Amobee DSP client, please visit our Help Center for more tips and tricks.

Frequently asked questions about Targeting & Retargeting on the Amobee DSP

Can I save an ad-exposed audience for re-targeting in upcoming campaigns? If so, how do I configure re-targeting for this audience in my creative?

Yes, for each market/advertiser, the Segment Builder automatically stores an associated impression sharing contract that allows you to build audiences based on impression exposure.

To apply a re-targeting audience to an upcoming campaign, build out your audience in the Segment Builder—as you would with any custom segment—prior to the campaign launch. However, keep in mind that each user profile has a 30-day period to live in the Amobee DSP, starting from the day of exposure. Once the profile of an ad-exposed user has reached its 30 days in the Amobee database, you may no longer be able to retarget that user.

How does Amobee serve impressions to selected DMAs?

To target specific DMAs, Amobee partners with Digital Envoy to analyze the IP address received in a bid request. Amobee then uses the IP address in the impression event URL call to attribute impressions to locations.

For mobile devices, Amobee uses the latitude/longitude coordinates.

Is it possible to retarget digital video users from a CTV campaign?

Amobee can retarget on desktop and mobile to users who were reached earlier on CTV (TV device) campaigns. You can set up a retargeting campaign on display and mobile line items, where the retargeting rule is to retarget the CTV line item impressions.

Is it possible to retarget users exposed to DOOH?

Yes, the device IDs of users exposed to DOOH ads can be used to retarget those users on other devices. The device IDs for a campaign would need to be requested from Vistar or Place Exchange.

Is there is a minimum distance for geofencing setup on the Amobee Platform?

The minimum setting permissible for geofencing on the Amobee Platform is 0.1 km or 0.1 miles.