General Data Protection Policy

GDPR Data Subject Requests

If you are an EU data subject, this portal allows you to retrieve or delete all of your personal data held by Amobee.

Note, however, that Amobee does not collect or hold your name or e-mail address. Amobee only holds your Amobee cookie ID (in the case of a desktop or laptop), mobile device ID, or social network username. Therefore, to confirm your identity, you will need to supply this information on the next page.

You can choose either to retrieve your personal data held by Amobee or to have Amobee delete this personal data. In either case, the request will take up to 30 days to process. You will receive a case number which you can use to follow up. Do not lose this case number; this will be your only opportunity to receive it.

If you are a business partner of Amobee and wish to exercise your rights under EU law please contact your account representative instead of using this form.

Request Status

If you have previously made a data request, please enter your case number here to check the status of the request.

Contact Information

For questions or concerns relating to privacy, please send us an email at

You may also contact us at:

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Redwood City, CA 94065
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