General Audiences Best Practices

April 21, 2022
General Audiences Best Practices

The below General Audience guide is a list of best practices for utilizing the Audiences module. If you’re an Amobee DSP client and have access to Audiences, please visit our Help Center for more tips and tricks.

  • Update your taxonomy file before allowing data providers to send data: When a data provider sends data containing categories that do not exist in their taxonomy file, these lines of data will not be ingested into the Audiences module. First, update the taxonomy file, then allow the data provider to start sending data against the new categories.
  • Archive data contracts as necessary: Data contracts that have been archived do not appear when selecting rules. If a segment contains a data contract that was archived after the segment was created, the rule containing that data contract will always return False.
  • Understand Site Personalization restrictions: If you select any Site Personalization media providers, you can only select data contracts from third parties that allow Site Personalization.

For additional questions, visit our FAQS or contact us today.

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