Video Campaign Best Practices

April 21, 2022
Video Campaign Best Practices

The below Video Campaign guide is a list of best practices for utilizing a DSP. If you’re an Amobee DSP client, please visit our Help Center for more tips and tricks.


Video campaigns are one of the most influential ways to market products, services, and companies on the Internet, regardless of the vertical.

In addition, video campaigns are very successful because advertisers can increase visits and audience appeal while capturing the power of television—without the high cost of TV advertising.

Best Practices

Amobee recommends using the following guidelines when planning and implementing video campaigns:

  • Use 15-second videos to communicate your message. These perform best and are widely available.
  • Keep targeting tactics simple and high level.
  • Do not over-target or limit inventory with excessive targeting criteria. Target by age, gender, geography, or context.
  • Do not combine targeting tactics into the same package or line item.
  • Note that ad creatives can run in placements that accept 30-second ads.
  • Target 1,000 sites or more.
  • Use a site list to target auto or user-initiated/actionable video players.
  • Do not reuse or re-purpose display channel site lists for video campaigns. Contact your Amobee Account Manager for site list assistance.
  • Use mid-, pre-, and post-roll to increase the amount of available inventory.
  • Video inventory is often more expensive than other formats. Do not set low bid prices and aggressive performance goals.
  • Due to scarce supply and high industry demand, the most premium inventory is best accessed using deal IDs (i.e., Publisher Deals). There are hundreds of Amobee Preferred Deals available to target if none have been negotiated with any specific publishers. These can be found in the Deals library.
  • Achieving the same action and click performance goals may be more difficult on video than display. Performance expectations against these KPIs should not be the same.
  • In CTV app environments, do not select Clicks, Actions, and Viewability as Automated Bidding goals.
  • Targeting only skippable inventory may severely limit scale.
  • When applying contextual, brand safety, and page quality targeting, make sure they are relevant to video and the targeted environment.
  • Geofence targeting will have the most scale in the mobile app environment, but may severely restrict delivery in all other environments.
  • Do not use old ad-based experiments. Use ghost bidding if your purpose is to lift measurement.

Understanding & Improving Viewability 

Viewability is a measure of how many consumers are seeing video ads on a website. The Media Rating Council (MRC) defines a viewable ad as a video on an active browser page that has at least 50% of the ad in view to the user for two consecutive seconds. Amobee optimizes for viewability based on this standard.

There are several ways to improve viewability of your video campaigns.

  1. Create separate line items to target the following:
    1. Larger player sizes (under the Video Settings targeting option)
    2. Inventory lists of your top performing sites/apps
    3. Page Quality concepts that specify higher viewability rates
  2. Increase your bid price to win more high viewability rate bids.


For additional questions, visit our FAQS or contact us today.

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