Boeing Campaign Soars with Performance 7x Higher Than Benchmarks

With the overwhelming success of Boeing’s 777 and 787 aircrafts, it should come as no surprise that seven is a lucky number for Boeing. Their latest B2B digital advertising campaign was no exception, with creative performance seven times higher (yes, lucky seven!) than previous benchmarks. Boeing and its agency R&R Partners partnered with Amobee to launch this campaign, looking to increase awareness of Boeing’s leadership in aerospace and aviation to drive plane purchases across the globe.

Boeing’s primary audience for this campaign was direct customers, including individuals involved in evaluating and deciding which new airplanes to add to a fleet. Its broader audiences included airline employees and the aviation community. As an international company, Boeing needed to reach its audience in locations all over the world, including North America, China, Middle East, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Russia and Africa.

To effectively target this influential, highly sophisticated niche audience of decision makers, the campaign used Amobee’s proprietary Brand Intelligence solution to determine the top content pieces across the digital and social ecosystem driving engagement for Boeing. Brand Intelligence was able to accurately identify the keywords associated Boeing’s top three content drivers. Amobee was then able to leverage these keywords to inform strategic ad placement and drive additional engagement for Boeing among its niche target audience.

The power of Amobee, coupled with the digital prowess of R&R Partners, was the winning combination for Boeing’s latest B2B digital effort.