Indeed Hits Home Run With Innovative World Series Social Media Campaign

As the #1 job site in the world, Indeed is always looking for innovative ways to build brand awareness and connect their TV advertising across digital and social. Partnering with Amobee, Indeed launched a World Series Campaign across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Indeed’s goal was to complement their TV investment, by recapturing World Series viewers exposed to their “Player Resume” in-game custom placement, within social media to drive additional frequency, website traffic, and continue the conversation about Indeed.

To capitalize on conversational trends and topics during the World Series, Indeed used Amobee’s patented Brand Intelligence technology to monitor consumption spikes and track related keywords and hashtags. To leverage the World Series’ most engaging moments, Brand Intelligence triggered custom alerts whenever World Series consumption was more than two standard deviations above the average. The three highest engagement peaks were: Game 1, Game 3 (which went 18 innings), and Game 5–the final game, with the Boston Red Sox winning their ninth World Series championship.

Targeting for each activation was updated dynamically, based on real time conversations. During Game 1’s game-winning pinch hit homerun by Eduardo Nunez, the campaign leveraged “Pinch-hitter,” “Eduardo Nunez” and “#HR4HR.” When Game 3 went 18 innings, Brand Intelligence uncovered trending hashtags such as “#MarathonGame”, “#WalkOff” and “#GetSomeSleep.” Campaign creatives were contextually-aligned and included a baseball player reaching for a ball, with the caption: “Don’t let a great opportunity slip through your fingers.”

Indeed’s campaign also leveraged Instagram stories, highlighting various industry professionals, including education and healthcare. The Instagram story carousel resonated extremely well with audiences, yielding a CTR over 3X higher than Instagram feed ads.

The campaign was extremely successful, reaching 18.3 million unique users, driving half a million website visitors, and standout performance across Facebook, exceeding CTR and CPC benchmark rates by 35% and 48%, respectively.