Advertising Platform, Amobee, Relaunches Market-Leading Campaign Intelligence Engine: DataMine

The proprietary analytics tool unveils new improvements based on market feedback to aid advertisers with campaign learnings and optimization

June 07, 2022

New York, NY – June 1, 2022

Amobee, the advertising platform for optimized cross-screen performance, today, announced the relaunch of its market-leading campaign intelligence engine DataMine. The advanced analytics tool unlocks deeper campaign insights and new opportunities for incremental revenue through deep analysis of trustworthy media and audience data points across linear and digital platforms. 

DataMine powers campaign storytelling by merging event-level audience and media data sets allowing advertisers to make real-time adjustments based on data-driven and actionable insights. Through granular data aggregation and analysis, the advanced analytics tool provides holistic and cross-screen reporting of the customer journey at every point to help advertisers better validate campaign performance and inform future strategy. 

“In the past few years, the advertising industry has witnessed the increasing fragmentation of the media landscape and today’s marketer needs advanced solutions to help gather, process, and place all data within reach,” said Subhag Oak, SVP, Product – Data and Intelligence at Amobee. “DataMine allows marketers to create and activate a data marketplace comprising first-, second- and third-party data for optimized campaign performance.”

Improving on its foundation, the latest version of DataMine features upgraded backend infrastructure and streamlined internal data supply chain for faster results that are consistent with all areas of the standard reporting suite, Custom Reports. 

DataMine optimizes the way marketers identify and reach target audiences across all screens through:   

  • The ability to leverage SQL to uncover granular campaign insights across contextual, location, sentiments, and audiences;
  • Identification of key target opportunities through the joining and querying of diverse data sets;
  • The elevation of reporting standards with advanced panel, identity, and reporting technologies for improved validation of campaign performance;
  • The ability to leverage holistic reporting for cross-screen and cross-publisher reach and frequency optimizations for improved investment efficiency;
  • The quantification of business outcomes to  inform future campaigns with online and offline results.

“Marketers need a unified reporting infrastructure that empowers business leaders and bridges silos with end-to-end campaign and portfolio management,” Subhag added. “Based on marketplace feedback, we refreshed DataMine’s seamless, in-platform advanced analytics capabilities, making it easy to monitor campaign health and deliver optimization recommendations to investment teams, strategy leads, and advertiser clients.”

The dynamic tool is accessible directly within the platform and reflects Amobee’s sophisticated consumer panel strategy that merges TV, web, and social behaviors to the Amobee household graph for advanced planning, activation and analytics. 

For more information on DataMine, please visit the Amobee Analytics Playbook.


About Amobee

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