Amobee and National Media Research Collaborate to Refine Audience Data and Improve Media Spend Through Contextual Web Analytics Platform

Amobee’s proprietary user panel arms National Media with web + social consumption insights, messaging lift awareness, actionable contextual audiences against first-party data, TV data, and more

May 09, 2022


Amobee, a global leader in advertising technology that unifies audiences to optimize results, today announced a deal with National Media, a media buying agency specializing in political, advocacy, and corporate reputation campaigns, for self-service access to Amobee’s proprietary Brand Intelligence (BI) technology platform.

The Amobee BI platform analyzes and correlates over 60 billion content engagements (what people see, read and interact with) across the web, video, mobile, and social every day to generate actionable insights for users.

This access will allow National Media to integrate the insights and audiences produced from the BI platform to improve the efficiency of media spending and generate custom, first-to-market IAB-classified contextual audience segments for deployment across all client accounts.

“Amobee is thrilled to provide National Media with the opportunity to take to their clients best-in-market media analytics + activation tech,” says Alex Knudsen, Senior Vice President, Commercial Strategy at Amobee. “Brand Intelligence will empower each and every campaign to bracket consumption-based audiences, measure messaging effectiveness, and drive quantifiable campaign lift results against an exclusive future-proofed panel.”

Furthermore, Amobee’s BI technology platform will help National Media advertisers better understand their target audience, discover new audiences, brand/campaign and product/candidate attributes, sentiment-drivers, benchmark competitors, and identify trends in real time – beyond just social media analytics.

“We’re partnering with Amobee to provide best-in-market insights and audiences to our clients.” says Adam Wise, SVP of Partnerships at National Media. “BI can uniquely inform strategy, content development, and media activation across a variety of verticals and tactics.”


About Amobee

Founded in 2005, Amobee is an advertising platform that understands how people consume content. Our goal is to optimize outcomes for advertisers and media companies, while providing a better consumer experience. Through our platform, we help customers further their audience development, optimize their cross channel performance across all TV, connected TV, and digital media, and drive new customer growth through detailed analytics and reporting. Amobee is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singtel, one of the largest communications technology companies in the world.

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