Amobee Joins Hands with Industry Leaders in Programmatic Advertising to Update IAB Europe’s Third-Party Cookie Guide

Amobee, a global leader in advertising technology that unifies audiences to optimize results, today announced its participation with IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading Committee to update IAB Europe's Third-Party Cookie Guide. 

March 17, 2022

LONDON. (MARCH 17, 2022)

This guide plays an integral role in keeping brands, agencies, and publishers updated on the technological advancements and evolving opportunities available with identity. The Guide has been developed by experts from IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading Committee and Post Third-Party Cookie Task Force. It succeeds the second edition of the guide, which was released in February 2022. 

It provides the latest insights into the many alternative solutions that are being developed to replace third-party cookies when they are depleted in 2023, including context, identity, the use of telco data, and the Google Topics initiative, and expands into new challenge areas including measurement and attribution. It is clear that innovation around alternatives to third-party cookies continues, and the industry will have multiple solutions available. 

As such, the Guide continues to help and encourage the industry to keep testing, learning, collaborating and developing across 2022, right through to the newly extended deadline for cookie deprecation in late 2023. 

Head of Growth for EMEA, Piper Heitzler, said, “What’s happening in the world at large and more closely within the ad tech industry is a renewed appreciation for the power of collaboration. IAB Europe’s Post Third-Party Cookie Guide is an excellent example of what can be produced when experts from diverse principles, like our own Solutions Engineering lead in EMEA, Zara McDonald, work together to aggregate collective insights that are refined and reviewed by each other’s experience and perspectives.” 

Heitzler added, “This guide is a must read for brands and agencies looking to stay up-to-date on technological changes and opportunities in the Identity space.”

Marketing & Industry Programmes Director, Lauren Wakefield, IAB Europe said, “Although the deadline has been extended to 2023, the digital advertising ecosystem must continue to collaborate, innovate and deliver on the solutions that are outlined in the latest update of the Guide. As the European-level association for digital advertising and marketing, we must continue to help our members embrace these changes, educate the market on what is available and offer support to ensure we create a thriving future for programmatic advertising.”

Download the full Guide to the Post Third-Party Cookie Era here.


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