Amobee Launches Cross Device OutStream Video Solution

Marketing Technology Company Enables Advertisers to Reach Audiences with Brand Intelligence Powered In-Content Targeting

December 16, 2015

Foster City, California – (December 16, 2015)

Amobee, a global marketing technology company, announced the launch of Amobee OutStream, an innovative approach to the video ad formats that are seamlessly embedded within relevant editorial content. Amobee OutStream targets audiences through a semantic-level understanding of editorial content, powered by the company’s proprietary Brand Intelligence technology, which analyzes over 60 billion digital content engagements per day – across the web, video, mobile and social.

Many of the world’s leading brands including Lexus, Ikea and evian utilize Amobee Brand Intelligence to guide their digital marketing strategy, media activation and campaign optimization.

By leveraging real time and historical insights around sentiment, interests, topics, and trends, advertisers are able to reach and engage audiences with interactive video ad formats across desktop and mobile devices that only play when the ads are in view.

“Amobee is committed to providing the most innovative solutions in market,” said Kim Perell, Amobee’s president.  “Amobee OutStream sets a new standard in video advertising by creating a meaningful, native advertising experience with unparalleled audience and content understanding and targeting through Amobee Brand Intelligence.”

Additional benefits of Amobee OutStream include:

  • Ads only launch and play when viewable on desktop and mobile devices
  • Enhanced user experience with pause-resume video feature as user scrolls content
  • Native ad placements
  • Fully customizable, interactive digital video units

“Amobee OutStream addresses industry video imperatives including viewability, and provides increased relevance and engagement within premium editorial content that benefits consumers, brands and publishers,” said Michael Parkes, Amobee SVP North America.


Amobee is a global marketing technology company that provides data driven cross channel digital advertising solutions for agencies, brands and publishers. We serve key marketing channels – display, video, email and social – across all devices, and among a select group of companies globally with ads API integration for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  Amobee’s patented Brand Intelligence technology analyzes over 60 billion content engagements daily across the Web, mobile, social and video providing marketers with the ability to access 360 degree insights around a brand’s entire digital footprint and activate advertising in real time on Amobee’s cross channel, cross device platform. Amobee is wholly owned by Singtel, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Asia, with over 550 million mobile subscribers. Amobee operates across North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

Media Contact:

Jay Kolbe