Newsroom Seize the Moment: How to Leverage Trigger-Based Marketing

August 11, 2016

*Article initially published by Assaf Henkin, SVP Brand Intelligence Solutions at Amobee in

Imagine a world where you are always prepared. No matter what the circumstance, no matter what’s thrown at you, you’re ready.

Spilled coffee on yourself during the morning commute? No problem. Extra shirt in the trunk. Called in for a last-minute presentation? No sweat. You’ve got a stack of collateral and a PowerPoint queued up.

Life is full of unpredictable moments; this is a reality for both consumers and brands. How then can digital marketing replicate this type of preparedness? By harnessing the power of activating on moments that matter.

While we have no proverbial crystal ball, with the growth of marketers’ data sets, generated by the increasing number of devices the average consumer has, the advancements in machine learning and data science, and the use of specific digital marketing applications, marketers have unbridled access to data from across the digital ecosystem. These new data sets can reveal real-time, relevant insights that can accurately predict consumer behavior around anticipated events.

The ability to expose a consumer to a marketing message or an entire campaign when it matters most goes beyond what many have defined as “real-time marketing.” What I’m talking about is trigger-based marketing, which is about being hyper-relevant to an individual based on multiple data dimensions.

The Right Moment

This relevance expands beyond the local consumer activity to the external environment and mindset that the consumer is in. Those elements, environment and mindset, play just as big a role in what drives consumer decisions and indicates when brands should connect and communicate. For an emotional connection to form between a brand and consumer, brands must be in tune to what intrinsically drives consumer actions at the given moments when an individual is in the optimal mindset to engage.

The problem with real-time marketing, as it exists today, is that we usually only see it pop up around tent pole events or in war room scenarios. We should aspire to be much more dynamic. At any time, brands can tap into multiple types of data to gain insight into their customers’ day-to-day life, the environment they live in, and their emotional disposition to reach the right audience at the optimal state of mind with a relevant message.

Actionable data and innovation made in deep learning technology has given way to brands and marketers using tools to understand consumer engagement on an individual and macro audience level. Brands should identify how they can create an ongoing, personal dialogue through digital marketing.

On a brand-specific level, digital advertising and trigger-based marketing has given brands the opportunity to test against moments and understand which moments are brand drivers. They are able to measure correlation between these moments or events and their impact on consumers to determine whether or not a specific moment drives conversions. This test-and-learn capability of digital thereby allows for more efficient ad spending and increases the likelihood of accurately understanding what makes consumers tick.

Be Prepared

To be prepared with targeted messages that resonate with consumers as they experience these moments is how marketers drive results. By defining the constructs of a trigger based on specific activity—when the brand’s celebrity spokesperson’s sentiment surpasses a certain score or when the weather dips below a specific threshold to drive tourism to a warmer climate, for instance—brands are essentially living these moments with their consumers. It doesn’t get much more personal than that.

This marketing strategy can even be applied to a national brand that wants to have a local presence. By targeting campaigns in specific DMAs around trending content that matters to that specific location, the brand can shift perception as being in tune with Main Street and increase awareness.

And while you can’t predict the winner of the Super Bowl, a brand can be prepared for either team to take the title with approved creative ready to launch during and after the game. You could even execute on a more personalized, local level by triggering campaigns based on weather patterns. When the weather is cold or rainy in certain areas, you can target offers like flights or destinations with warmer climates or the trendiest new pair of rain boots.

Consumers experience life in moments. Thanks to technology, brands and advertisers have the ability to align with these moments and experience them as their consumers do. By leveraging trigger-based marketing, brands can be prepared for any large- or small-scale event and activate media around them immediately through the intelligent use of real-time data.

Don’t just wish you could have seized the moment. Rest assured you’ll be right with consumers as it happens with individually relevant messaging that will resonate and create a lasting impact.

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