Amobee Analytics

Amobee Analytics

The evolution of the digital world means marketers need to have a strong foundation consisting of both an omnichannel approach to advertising and a data-driven strategy so they’re not missing out on business opportunities. It’s not just finding your customer, but knowing your customer. And having the right tools to build your strategy is essential.

  • Amobee DMP
    Design your ideal pool of prospects.

    Take command of the volumes of data at your disposal to identify, understand, and locate the audiences you need to reach with your campaigns. Create segments based on real user behaviors, use Amobee DMP (formerly Turn DMP) to extend your reach, and then send your data directly to your marketing platforms.

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  • Brand Intelligence
    Make your message matter.

    Brand Intelligence provides real-time trend data and sentiment analysis to help marketers understand consumer mindset based on their online interactions. Gain insights to personalize your engagement with consumers—ensuring your message is relevant while eliminating media waste.

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  • Amobee DataMine Analytics
    Know what works, what doesn’t, and why.

    Everybody talks big data. Amobee makes it actually work for your marketing campaigns. Know which touches triggered response. Understand creative sequencing and multi-channel impact. Everything you need to know to boost your success is right there in your data, and the massive computing power from Amobee DataMine Analytics (formerly Turn DataMine Analytics) brings it to the surface.

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  • Amobee INK
    Recognize customers across their journey.

    As audiences move from device to device, how are they engaging with your brand? Amobee Ink lets you extend your reach, drive performance, and gain valuable attribution information along the way.

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