Brand Intelligence

Amobee Brand Intelligence

The Science of Understanding.

Capture. Analyze. Activate.

  • Monitor more than 60 billion digital content engagements per day from the web, social, mobile & video
  • Discover topics, trends, audiences, brands, sentiments and events via proprietary algorithms
  • Reach consumers across channels and devices

Our Data

Because almost three quarters of a consumer’s time online is spent watching videos, reading articles, buying gifts and browsing on non-social sites and apps, our platform evaluates data from a variety of sources to provide a comprehensive understanding of audience activity. Insights from Brand Intelligence are used to:

  • Track changes in consumption and sentiment to understand brand perception and competitive positioning
  • Create audience demographic and geographic profiles, and evaluate their changing interests
  • Discover the content driving brand engagement
  • Maximize effectiveness of media timing and placement
Amobee Brand Intelligence Dashboard

From Analysis to Activation. Amobee Brand Intelligence in action.

The North Face wanted to encourage engagement with a new outerwear line featuring patented FuseForm technology, and learn what other topics their outdoor enthusiast audience engages with. Amobee Brand Intelligence discovered that active adults are also engaging with content about Mindfulness, Mental Health and Positivity, making those categories a natural fit for The North Face brand.

Amobee Brand Intelligence found that more than 25% of outdoor adventure content is consumed within the Travel category, but only 5% of The North Face’s media was placed there. Amobee targeted travel-related content to gain share of voice with the outdoor adventurer. As a result, The North Face’s campaign surpassed engagement rate benchmarks by 316%.

“Amobee 3D and Brand Intelligence gave our agency a highly creative way to reach The North Face’s audience and inspire engagement.”
– Gina Fatta, Media Supervisor, Factory Labs

Amobee Triggers. Market in the moments that matter.

Amobee Triggers allows brands to engage consumers in the moments that matter, activating and pausing digital media in real time, based on online and offline data signals and events, including custom brand and audience aligned moments.

Leveraging Amobee Brand Intelligence, brands have the ability to create custom triggers based on digital engagement and consumption around important moments, trends and events. Insights from Brand Intelligence help clarify the mindset of users, and the Triggers solution identifies when to launch marketing activities and digital campaigns.

Amobee Triggers and How it Works

Benefits of running Amobee Triggers campaigns include:

  • Increased Relevance: Account for customers’ online and offline mindset based on real world events; and be there for the moments as audiences experience them.
  • Activation on Deep Understanding of Consumer Behavior: Amobee provides insights into consumer behaviors that can inform and impact media strategy and delivery
  • Extended Reach: Connect with audiences on all channels and devices via mobile, desktop, video, and social formats.
  • Media Efficiency: The ability to run media when it’s most pertinent and impactful, and turning it off when it is not.

Amobee Foundational Triggers encompass:

  • Weather: launch campaigns when temperature or weather conditions change for added relevancy.
  • Sports: Real time scores, overtime, wins/losses, trends around players or teams which can help maximize sponsorship investments and align with mainstream audiences.
  • Financial: Trigger campaigns around changes in the stock market, companies of interest, or trending keywords or financial events.
  • Location Activity: Real time foot traffic monitoring based on consumers’ physical presence or changes in proximity to a point-of-interest.

Amobee Custom Brand Intelligence Triggers Solutions allow Marketers to Automate Digital Advertising Based on:

  • Changes in Volume of Digital Engagement – Around certain events, topics, brands or audiences
  • Changes in Sentiment – Positive, Neutral, or Negative around events, topics, associations
  • Changes in Social Consumption – Around consumers’ engagement with content across multiple social platforms. Amobee is one of a select number of companies globally with ads API integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Snapchat.

Through the correlation of online and offline data, Amobee helps brands anticipate and adapt to real time moments and industry trends, launching media where it is contextually relevant and when it matters most to consumers.