DataMine Analytics

Amobee DataMine Analytics

Find the answers that can boost your business performance.

Data is just ones and zeroes until you filter and shape it with analytics. Amobee DataMine Analytics (formerly Turn DataMine Analytics) quickly turns raw data into powerful insights about your audience and your campaigns, uncovering what works and what doesn’t, illuminating the when, where, and how, and identifying the changes that can boost results.

DataMine Analytics does all of the heavy lifting—scrubbing, categorizing, and packaging the raw data so it can quickly provide the answers to marketers’ questions.

  • Get the fastest time to insight—start answering your questions right away, with instant online access to contextualized data.
  • Take actions on insights quickly—Amobee manages the data, provides built-in context, and illuminates relationships between data for you.
  • Minimize IT overhead and pay only for the processing and service capacity you need; we store and manage your data in the cloud, which also gives you the ability to scale quickly and massively when needed.
  • Gain access to your own transaction and digital interaction data, along with the industry’s largest third-party data ecosystem, facilitating deep big-data analytics to validate and fine-tune audience and media strategy and tactics—when integrated with Amobee DMP and Amobee DSP.

Get answers to all your marketing questions. The data holds every answer you need—about your audience, your media mix, personas, creative sequencing, cross-channel impact, everything. DataMine Analytics gives you ad hoc access to all of your data, not just aggregates, so you can dive deep to find the insights that can boost the success of your program.

Big-data marketing analytics with the lowest cost of ownership. Some experts say that up to 80% of analytics time is spent gathering, cleaning, and prepping the data. That is all done for you by DataMine Analytics, so you can focus strictly on analysis and insight. Plus, access to our massive data infrastructure saves you untold IT hardware, software, and staff costs. You pay only for the processing power and services you need.