Amobee DMP

Amobee DMP

Know Your Customers in Infinite Detail.

When you put audience first, results follow. Data management is the heart of an effective audience-first strategy. Amobee DMP (formerly Turn DMP) delivers the kind of data that’s vital in knowing your customers intimately and understanding the true value of your efforts to engage with them.

Access the Most Granular Consumer Profiles

Amobee DMP pulls together data from all sources: first-, second-, and third-party data. We then enrich your consumer profiles with exclusive Amobee data, building a composite master ID of every consumer you want to engage. All your data is stored at the event level and timestamped which means you can analyze trends and journeys over time.

Understand Your Customer Data from the Inside Out

With Amobee DMP, you can look at your customer data from any vantage point you choose. Ad hoc access—even to individual event-level data—allows you to query anonymous consumer profiles for in-depth insights into their preferences and intent. Knowing your customers on a molecular level lets you make informed messaging and content decisions.

Take Action to Reach Your Audiences

Amobee DMP is integrated with a robust ecosystem and gives you access to more than 100 take-action systems including marketing automation, website personalization, and digital advertising platforms.

  • Centralize Data

    Your window into a world of vital audience data. There’s tremendous power in data, and Amobee DMP puts it at your fingertips, pulling it together from every source. Start with your own data from online, offline, device, and channel sources. Use our Flextag™ data capture tool to collect a massive trove of audience interaction data from your website. Augment with Amobee AlwaysOn™ Data, our third-party data marketplace, giving you access to 90,000 demographic, behavioral, and psychographic attributes. And integrate second-party data to access audiences that only you, not your competitors, can see.

    With all that data gathered in one elegant interface, use it to make the audience decisions that can drive your business forward.

  • Segment and Extend

    More prospects, more visibility, more options. Amobee DMP connects your business with more prospects than any other source and gives you the data tools to define the most relevant audience segments for your objectives. Amobee Audience Forecaster enables you to right-size your audience to achieve the best balance of focus and reach and accurately predict your audience reach so you can make adjustments before you commit your budget. When you’re satisfied with your segments, activate them across multiple channels. Because our DMP moves users in and out of segments in real time based on behavior, you can be sure your audience strategy is being executed accurately.

    You can focus in on narrowly qualified segments or use Amobee lookalike modeling to extend your reach and find additional people with similar behavioral profiles.

  • Take Action

    Syndicate for success. Now that you’ve consolidated and parsed all that valuable data to arrive at your ideal audience, you can easily test partners and tools to ultimately execute your plan at scale. Amobee boasts a rich ecosystem of 100+ partners that put our DMP in touch with the data and technologies your business need to succeed.

    Reach your audiences across your choice of media platforms, inventory sources, content management system partners, content targeters, walled gardens, and more. Furthermore, bridge the gap between your advertising and marketing initiatives by integrating Amobee DMP with marketing automation platforms such as Marketo, SAP Hybris, and IBM UBX.

  • Measure Results

    Leverage the power of data intelligence. Stay on top of your audience and campaign status in real time, all the time, with informative out-of-the-box reports. Accessible right from the dashboard, the reports are designed to quickly give you the feedback you want most often.

    Bring your data to life with visualizations. Amobee DMP provides direct access to dimensional data so you can customize reports that answer questions related to audience clustering, journey analytics, and cross-channel synergies. Select which metrics you want to analyze and Amobee DMP visualizes them for you. You can also schedule reports to run on a recurring basis, export results to Excel, and share your findings with other team members.