Amobee DSP

Amobee DSP

Where rich data turns into compelling action.

Bring your audience-first strategy to life and engage with your audience where and when it matters. Use Amobee DSP to plan and address your audiences across video, mobile, social, display, and TV networks. Tap into an ecosystem of more than 200 pre-integrated data, technology, and inventory partners. Conduct tests to validate and fine-tune your strategy and tactics before you go to scale. Analyze your results and get full omnichannel, multi-touch, and last touch attribution for every response.

Amobee DSP brings you the advantages of reach and real-time performance as only Amobee can deliver. Our algorithms evaluate 4 million ad opportunities per second, providing you with multiple options to engage with your specific audience—at the ideal moment, on any device.

Our DSP keeps your brand safe too. In the complex world of programmatic advertising, Amobee keeps you in control. Our comprehensive approach to fraud prevention and brand safety means you can always reach the audiences you want with ads that are in view and served in a brand-safe environment. The platform-wide monitoring and blocking solution minimizes your exposure to fraudulent activity. And our built-in brand safety tools let you define your tolerance level, set rules, create whitelists and blacklists, and set up real-time blocking services.

  • Plan

    Define your audiences and set your targeting parameters. Start with your own bank of audience data or create audiences based on web, social, mobile and video activity or consolidate your data in Amobee DMP. Target your audience across any and every channel, taking advantage of our DSP's tight integration with content- and contextual-targeting vendors. Connect with virtually every programmatic bid opportunity on the internet, across channels including mobile apps, and access direct publisher inventory as well.

    Amobee DSP helps you evaluate the viability of your plan, analyzing available inventory and bid prices to see how effectively your criteria can be met, as well as the impact of changes to your criteria. We can lead you to more prospects, and target placements near your competition online—“conquesting”—and in the physical world through mobile geo-fencing.

  • Activate

    Continuously learn and optimize. Every time a consumer acts, Amobee DSP reacts. In just 10 milliseconds, Amobee algorithms evaluate up to 2,500 variables, reallocate budgets, and adjust bids. With each impression, our intelligent platform becomes more effective at meeting your campaign objectives and delivering greater ROI.

    You can use your own choice of third-party ad servers, or the built-in ad server, which is fully compatible with all major industry ad servers. Amobee can dynamically optimize your campaign automatically, or guide optimization with your input.

  • Experiment

    What if you could test the “what ifs?” Does free shipping or an instant discount give a bigger response boost? Does a display ad followed by a mobile ad pull more than a display ad plus a video?

    Whether it’s traditional A-B testing or a controlled test of a high-level concept, Amobee DSP gives you the tools to conduct experiments to validate tactics before rolling them out at scale. We identify audience segments for testing, and have mechanisms to maintain the integrity of control and test groups and the messages they receive.

  • Analyze Performance

    See what’s working, adjust accordingly. A constant flow of data in real time brings understanding of all the dynamics of your campaign, focusing on bid/purchase and audience behavior metrics. Take advantage of comprehensive reporting features that let you visualize the big trends and drill down into the granular line-item data. Know how effectively your budget is being spent, and know exactly how your audience segments are reacting by any number or combination of metrics.

    And, know how to attribute response, with multi-touch, multi-channel, and last-touch attribution reporting, so you can concentrate your efforts in the most productive channel and device combinations and sequences.