Incorporate mobile delivery into every campaign to reach your audiences whenever they’re on a mobile device.

Take advantage of enormous reach. Every month, the Amobee platform connects with over 1.8 billion addressable mobile users around the world. And of 85 billion daily mobile bid opportunities, 75% will be delivered when the user is in app and engaged with their device. Amobee INK cross-device technology helps you extend your message across channels and devices.

Leverage location targeting to add relevance. Digital consumption says a lot about one’s interests, views, and sentiment. The physical locations consumers visit, how often they frequent them, and how long they dwell there, reveal more about who they are. Select audience segments based on their location history, such as Auto Intenders who recently visited a car dealership. Incorporate current location data into your creative to make ads actionable and relevant. And increase engagement by using geofences to limit delivery of your ad to users who are in the right location.

Personalize your engagement. Engaging ad formats, like Amobee 3D, rich media, expandables, and interstitials, are critical for capturing a mobile consumer’s attention. Incorporating mobile actions (tap to call, tap to map, tap to video, etc.) make it easier to engage with consumers when they’re on the go and on a small screen.

Make your ad buy more efficient with dayparting. Use dayparting to reach consumers when they’re most likely to be using a mobile device and most receptive to your content—for example, during evening hours while using a tablet at home.

Know what works. Being able to attribute consumer actions and marketing impact to mobile campaigns is essential. Real-time performance reports, consumer journey path reports, and even foot traffic attribution reports can help you understand how your audience is engaging with your brand through their mobile devices.

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