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Ambitious Marketers’
Guide to Television 2.0

As an industry, we’re collectively facing more pressure from new challenges.

Accelerated audience fragmentation. Effective Cross-Screen Measurement. Uncertainty about the future of privacy and regulatory environment. The list is almost never-ending…

Despite pressures and uncertainty, we return to the comfort of seemingly familiar territory: the Upfronts. But the Upfronts aren’t what they used to be. CTV is growing like no other. Purchasing is now done at the tip of our fingers. And with 54% of advertisers wanting to make sure their digital campaigns are complementary to linear TV, there’s more pressure to execute your Upfronts better than ever.

How do you effectively unify media planning and investments to reduce mass waste and improve business outcomes?

Learn how in Amobee’s updated Ambitious Marketers’ Guide for the 2022 Upfronts.

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Ambitious Marketers' Guide to TV 2.0

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